10 Winch Straps, 4″ x30′ Flatbed Trailer Strap Tie Downs w/Flat Hooks, Heavy Duty Cargo Straps for Flatbeds, Trailers, and Trucks | Ratchet NOT Included.


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Pack of 10 Flatbed Trailer Load Cargo Tie-Down Winch Straps

Your cargo load needs reliable security when on the road and nothing says flatbed trailer tie-down like these long winch straps. Use these yellow polyester winch straps with flat hooks to secure your open flatbed load of wooden pallets, steel pipes, plywood, or any other freight.

Securing Freight with these 4″ Wide, 30′ Long Winch Straps with Flat Hook End Fittings

These winch straps are 4″ wide and 30′ long. To use as a cargo tie-down, insert a flat hook on one end of the strap into a stake pocket or over a side rail of the trailer. Cast the strap over the load. Attach the loose strap end to a winch on the other side of the trailer and adjust the winch to desired strap tension.

Resilient Yellow Polyester Webbing, Steel Flat Hooks

At DC Cargo Mall, we only sell top quality cargo tie-down straps. The durable polyester webbing of this long truck strap will not absorb water, corrode, stretch, or shrink, can handle extreme temperatures, and remains resistant to UV rays. The straps don’t absorb moisture and will not stretch when wet, thereby avoiding rot and mold. The flat hook is made out of steel and has a defender on its inner edge to avoid cutting the strap loop.

  • This package contains ten straps
  • 4 inches wide and 30 feet long winch strap
  • Strong yellow polyester webbing
  • Black steel flat hook end attachments
  • Assembly break strength is 16,500 pounds and safe working load limit is 5,500 pounds



  • FLATBEDDING IS HARD WORK. As a trucker, you labor to ensure that your freight is secure, the cargo won’t budge, and that a small brake won’t turn into a fatal accident. We recognize how much you care about the safety of your load and the drivers around you, so at DC Cargo Mall, we strive to supply you with TOP OF THE LINE PRODUCTS that are easy to use and guaranteed to keep your cargo safe when used properly. Please NOTE: Ratchet is NOT included.
  • Pack of 10: These incredible CARGO TIE-DOWN WINCH STRAPS are made out of 4 INCHES WIDE AND 30 FEET LONG DURABLE YELLOW POLYESTER WEBBING that doesn’t absorb moisture, shrink, or stretch, resisting mold and mildew growth and INCREASING THEIR RELIABILITY LIFESPAN; they are FANTASTICALLY RESILIENT, with an assembly break strength of 16,500 pounds and a SAFE WORKING LOAD LIMIT OF 5,500 POUNDS
  • The HARDY BLACK STEEL FLAT HOOK end fitting attachments are AWESOMELY EASY TO USE AND DEPENDABLE – just loop onto a TRAILER STAKE POCKET OR BED RAIL TO ANCHOR, flip the strap over the load, and secure the other hook onto a stake pocket or bed rail on the other side of your trailer; these solid hooks have inner defenders to avoid cutting the strap webbing that is sewn around them
  • Winch strap tiedowns are IDEAL FOR EASILY SECURING ALL KINDS OF FLATBED TRAILER LOADS such as steel sheets, insulation, produce crates, appliances, oil drums, and more, and can also be used on pickup trucks, utility trailers, and enclosed cargo vans, as well as in packing plants and warehouses. Use Veeboards to cushion the straps from sharp load edges or to protect loads from the strain of the straps
  • DC Cargo Mall is the manufacturer and only authorized seller of these sturdy flatbed straps. Take advantage of our USA-based customer service and our 100% MONEY-BACK HAPPINESS GUARANTEE by purchasing this pack of 10 HIGH-QUALITY 4″ X 30′ FLATBED CARGO TIE DOWN WINCH STRAPS (also available as a 2-pack)


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