Blazer 376BDM-8 Blue 36-Inch Metal Post Driveway Marker – Pack of 8


Product description

Color:376BDM-8  |  Size:Blue

Blazer 376BDM-8 Blue 36-Inch Metal Post Driveway Marker – Pack of 8 is the ideal choice for safety applications. Each marker features two round reflectors that are sealed in a plastic housing. These reflectors are composed of 2/16 X 36-Inch galvanized rods. Safety First! Blazers Reflectors are the ideal choice for a variety of safety applications. Blazer offers a wide array of shapes and sizes designed to fit any safety needs. They can be used on trailers, trucks, buses, agricultural equipment, and more. Blazer offers additional safety equipment including driveway markers, safety triangles, and conspicuity tape. Blazer International is a leading provider of DOT, SAE, FMVSS108, Canadian CMVSS compliant, and approved vehicular lighting products for heavy-duty trucks, trailers, and RVs. With brands like Blazer, Axxent, BAJA Tough, and Radiant Effects; and over 50 years supplying vehicular lighting Blazer International has built a strong legacy of quality, value, and customer service. Blazer International is headquartered in Long Grove, IL.

From the manufacturer

Pack of 1 2-Sided Blue Driveway Marker Pack of 8 2-Sided Blue Driveway Markers Pack of 24 2-Sided Blue Driveway Markers
Part Number 376BDM 376BDM-8 376BDM-24
Color Blue Blue Blue
Number Included Pack of 1 Pack of 8 Pack of 24
Style 2-Sided Driveway Marker
Length 36-Inches 36-Inches
48-Inch Fiberglass Poles 72-Inch Fiberglass Poles 36-Inch Reflective Driveway Markers 48-Inch Reflective Driveway Markers 72-Inch Reflective Driveway Markers 4-Sided Reflective Driveway Markers
Models 381ODM 381ODM-24 381ODM-72
Color Orange
Height 48-Inches



  • Includes a Total Count of 8-Blue Reflectors
  • Features a Weather Resistant and Rustproof Design
  • Offers a Perfect Option for Marking Driveways and Curbs for Snow Removal
  • Designed to be Highly Visible at Night and in Any Weather
  • Features a Durable Galvanized Rod 36-Inches In Length


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